Early wildfire detection


Silvanet provides ultra-early fire detection, forest health and growth monitoring solutions for public and private forests. It provides actionable insights based on live data gathered from Silvanet sensors and compatible third party sensors.

Silvanet Wildfire sensors

Solar-powered sensors with embedded artificial intelligence that measure various gasses, temperature, humidity and air pressure.

​Sensor nodes connect to Silvanet gateways using LoRa, the open standards long range radio network for IoT.

Silvanet Mesh Gateway

Scalable, distributed LoRaWAN gateways support a wide range of compliant sensors.

Enables large-scale deployment of multi-party sensor networks within forests of all types.

Silvanet Border Gateway

The Silvanet Border Gateway is placed at the border of the target forest area, typically in a forest house or near a village. The Border Gateway communicates with the Silvanet Cloud Platform, relaying messages from Wildfire Sensors (directly or indirectly via Mesh Gateways).