Silvanet Mesh Gateway

Dryad’s mesh network allows early wildfire detection across vast land areas thanks to a Distributed LoRaWAN® Gateway.

The Silvanet Mesh Gateway extends the Silvanet Network to large deployments beyond the reach of the standard single-hop direct connection between sensors and gateways in standard LoRaWAN networks. The patent-pending architecture uses a multi-hop mesh network of Gateways interconnected with LoRa and each serving as a standard LoRaWAN gateway to Silvanet Wildfire Sensors and 3rd party sensors. The solar-powered Mesh Gateways are placed in the forest itself, forming a mesh network with a typical distance of 2-6 km depending on topology and physical placement of the Mesh Gateways. The Mesh Gateway only uses the LoRa radio to communicate with other Mesh Gateways or a Border Gateway. It does not require direct 4G/LTE radio or Ethernet connectivity which ensures low power consumption supported by the built-in solar panel.


⬢    Extend LoRaWAN networks to large areas
⬢    Solar-powered, maintenance-free
⬢    Supports any LoRaWAN compliant sensors


⬢    Automatic network configuration
⬢    Self-healing, auto fail-over mesh
⬢    Firmware Update Over-the-Air

Mesh Network Architecture